Kojo Ebooks
The following is a series of books about using Kojo to play with Computer Programming, Art, Math, and a lot more. Take a read, play along, and have fun! There's also the code-only (almost-no-prose) series of activity books: Additional Kojo learning material is available on the Kojo Docs website.

Kojo - An Introduction

This book introduces children to the Kojo Environment, and gives them a taste of what they can do with Kojo.

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For a really quick introduction to Kojo, there is also the Kojo Intro Video.

Explorations with Kojo

This book is about interactively exploring different topics in Math and Art via Programming. Topics covered include:

  • Math - distances, numbers, ratio and proportion, percentages, estimation, angles, arcs, polygons, coordinate geometry, equations, random numbers, visual and numeric patterns, and more.
  • Art - all kinds of shapes and colors, brought together creatively.
  • Programming -- turtle graphics, values and variables, commands and functions, algorithms, primitives, composition, and abstraction.
The book also gives children practice with learning how to learn new things using exploration, discovery, and feedback.

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Adventures with Kojo

This is the original introductory programming book for Kojo. The Explorations book above is much more recent, and covers a lot more ground, but this is still a fine getting-started book for younger children (around 10 years old). The focus of this book is:

  • To make children familiar with the basic ideas of Computer Programming (and to relate these ideas to Algebra and Arithmetic, where appropriate).
  • To get them to experiment with basic Geometry.
  • To enable them to exercise their creative and logical thinking skills by making nice and colorful computer sketches - using just a few building blocks, and their knowledge of Programming and Geometry.

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Kojo Programming Quick-Ref

This book is meant for a couple of different audiences:
  • Children who have been using Kojo for a while, and want a concise reference to the ideas, terminology, and useful features of Kojo.
  • Adults who are familiar with programming, and want a quick way to get productive with Kojo.

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